My Arctic Adventure

Greetings!  My name is Melissa Nelson and I am the owner/operator of  Alaska Cache Box.  Alaska has a funny way of settling into your soul.  For 13 years I've lived in the state dubbed the “Last Frontier”  and I have found it has become a permanent part of me, shaping who I am  and what I stand for. However, Alaska has always been important to me.   

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I would spend much of my time  leafing through old issues of the Alaska magazine, filling out the  tourists cards in the back and sending them off for information about  Alaskan vacations. It didn't matter that my family never had enough  money to make a trip like that, simply getting pictures, brochures, free  calendars, even video tapes in the mail was an exciting event. That  little piece of mail made me feel a connection to a place I had never  been, but knew I wanted to be a part of.   

Eventually I made my way to the 49th state, and the experience has  changed me forever.  I earned my bachelor's degree in wildlife biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, lived in a cabin without running water for five years, flew in super cubs, road snow machines (snow mobiles for the rest of you outside of AK), watched the Northern Lights at 30 degrees below zero, and hiked and visited places all over the state.  I started Alaska Cache Box to share my excitement  of this great land with others. I want to help our local Alaskan  businesses and artists share their high quality, well crafted products  with people in the lower 48 and around the world. I want to share a  piece of Alaska with people who dream of someday visiting the Last  Frontier but maybe aren't quite ready to make the trip. Or maybe even  with people who have visited Alaska and want to continue that experience  after they've returned home.   

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People talking about Alaska Cache Box

Thank you thank you thank you! Your box is amazing! I’m blown away. Your  box is home away from home. My father loved his box. I look forward to  another!


  I subscribed to Alaska Cache Box in  advance of our upcoming trip there in about a month. Both boxes were  well packaged, and had a nice assortment of Alaska themed items. It  would be hard to pick a favorite item; they were all wonderful. 


 I think Alaska Cache would be really great for someone (from AK) missing  home, someone reminiscing of a past trip, to prepare someone for an  upcoming trip, and even for those like me who have never been. The only  thing missing is the plane ticket!