Alaska Cache Box Business Spotlights

Q4 2018


Burnt Art Originals (

Anchorage, AK

Andrea Hallstrom 

Andrea is an Alaskan wildlife pyrography (“wood burning”) artist known for burning scenes of wildlife, with elaborate mountain backgrounds, into wood. It isn’t common for skilled artists to practice pyrography as most are sketch artists or painters. She dove head-first into this endeavor January 2018 and hasn’t looked back. Combining her strengths in realism and pyrography, with the gorgeous state of Alaska, she can bring a uniquely Alaskan style into reality.

If you’re looking for an affordable holiday gift idea, Andrea creates burned or painted Christmas tree ornaments. Any other time of the year these gifts can be transformed into magnets.

What Andrea loves most about Alaska is the ability to go any direction and find a grand adventure. It’s the perfect inspiration for her creativity! She is thankful she gets to live in a place full of adventures and inspiration with the support of her husband, encouraging her to do what she was made to do. 


Outcrop Images (

Fairbanks, AK

Ashley Adamczak 

Ashley started her photography business, Outcrop Images, in 2017. She was an avid athlete in school, but an injury sidelined her and freed her up to find other things to keep her busy. She took up art classes at UAF (University of Alaska, Fairbanks), which completely changed her; she became fascinated with art and design! Once she got her first DSLR camera, she was challenged to start using the features of the camera to not only take photos, but to make art. 

Ashley strives to both push the composition of the photo and find unique mediums to print on, that enhance the image. She loves finding new ways to turn her images into something useful and beautiful. Her favorite product for gifts is her dry-erase board series. They come in a variety of sizes; from ones that fit inside a locker to larger ones for hanging on walls. Her boards feature Alaskan images and give the user lots of space to use the board for notes, grocery lists, and long-term goal planning. 

Ashley started her business to share how truly magical of a place Alaska is. What she loves most about Alaska is that, every day, there is something new to enjoy - even when it’s cold it is incredibly beautiful! If a first-time visitor to Alaska could only visit one place in the state, she recommends visiting Fairbanks. Within 100 miles, you can get to the Alaska Range, drive north towards the Arctic Circle, fully experience the northern lights without light pollution, and witness the beautiful and amazing midnight sun. There is wildlife and open spaces and some of the nicest and most talented people out there.

One of her top priorities in business is to work with clients to ensure they get a quality product that makes their life a little better and a little more beautiful. She works with clients to find pieces that work for their space and match their styles. 

If you don't see what you are looking for, she is happy to work with you!


Snowdandi Arts (

Chugiak, AK

Shelbi Lynne Voit 

Shelbi Lynne has been operating her fine arts business, Snowdandi Arts, for over fifteen years. The business first started as a brick and mortar gallery in Girdwood/ Anchorage and has traveled and evolved with her across the state. She now creates her products from her home studio. 

The uniqueness of Snowdandi Arts (and Snowdandi Soap Company) is the fact Shelbi Lynne creates "limited editions" of small batch, high-quality goods ranging from plant-based body products to hand-printed, hand-pulled wearables. You can purchase Shelbi Lynne’s subscription services or grab bags when looking for a special gift for family and friends. 

Shelbi Lynne enjoys sharing her love for her home state of Alaska through her products because Alaska is where her roots began and has proven to be the most open-minded place to pioneering her own success! 

The Alaska Frontier (

Wasilla, AK 

Melissa & Derek 

In 2014 Melissa and Derek started the I Love Alaska Facebook page as a hobby to show friends and family the beauty of Alaska.  Because their fans wanted more than just seeing pictures on the computer, they turned their hobby into a small business by creating The Alaska Frontier and producing a yearly wall calendar, Alaska-themed window decals, mugs, keychains, and necklaces. 

Melissa and Derek have professionally made and sold Alaska Calendars since 2016, with the 2019 calendar being their 4th year. They differentiate themselves from their competitors by making their calendars with higher quality paper. These calendars make great gifts for the holidays!

The Lost Moose Company (

Homer, Alaska

Christine Kern  

The Lost Moose Company (TLMC) was started five years ago to help preserve the curious and whimsical spirit of Christine’s late mother, Edee, who was a folk art wood carver. Hammy & Willow, the Alaska Adventure Moose are character products of one of her last miniature carvings. TLMC enjoys bringing smiles to the people that enjoy the Moose and their adventures. 

The creation of Hammy and Willow was a happy accident that really turned out to be an enjoyable and rewarding venture; they are definitely one-of-a-kind!

Follow TLMC on Instagram and Facebook @TheLostMooseCompany and watch as Hammy and Willow continue their adventures through the large Frontier that is Alaska!