Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Rebilling will happen at the first of the month, three months from your sign up date. 

When are subscription cache boxes mailed out? 

Caches boxes are mailed out four times a year: March, June,  September, and December.  They are sent out on the 20th of the month.    

Why is my cache box shipped from Oregon?     

As the sole owner and operator of this business, I have had to  temporarily relocate while my husband attends grad school in Oregon.  While my husband is attending school, items will be shipped from Oregon.  The items in the cache boxes are still 100% Alaskan products and I  regularly travel back to Alaska to purchase product and meet artists and  local Alaska business owners.        

What can I expect to receive in a cache box?           

The cache boxes will have a variety of quality items ranging from  artwork, personal care items, food, and clothing all from Alaskan  businesses.   

Is shipping included in the price?  

For the cache box subscriptions a flat rate of $7 per box is  charged for shipping.  Shipping for single products from the shop page  will not include shipping costs in the base price and will be calculated  at checkout.

Do you ship internationally?        

Currently Alaska Cache Box only ships in the United States and  Canada.  We hope to expand to shipping internationally in the coming  year.         

What is a cache?                 

 A cache is a structure that usually looks like a small cabin on  stilts. It is used in the Alaskan bush as a way to store food and goods  away from bears and other wildlife.  An Alaskan Cache Box is a quarterly  subscription box filled with Alaskan products and art!          

Can I cancel a subscription?        

Yes.  Log into your account via the login link at the top right  of the page.  You can edit and cancel your subscriptions from your  account pages.